In the Glow Creative department, our Creative Designers are busy designing our concepts, presentations, gifts and, in close consultation with our client and, of course, entirely in line with your brand specifications, all the components which can be used in a promotion. This includes, for example, POS materials, collecting albums, displays and packaging. The great advantage of this is that we are in direct contact with any potential licensees so that the approval process runs quickly and smoothly. The same possibility also applies to your free gift products. We can offer this service at very competitive prices. Our invoices count only the hours of our designers and Project Manager, while our work method is the same as that which you are used to from your advertising agency. If required, we can provide complete DTP files which you can take straight to your print provider, but we can also of course have our own print specialist produce all the necessary material for you. We use highly experienced producers in Europe and the Far East, making significant savings possible. We are happy to talk to you about these options.