Tailor-made Sales Promotion campaigns
We don’t present any idea without a total concept and a solid foundation. We use your marketing and communications plans as a starting point and corroborate our ideas with target group research and figures. We also take care of the entire creative process - from design, development and delivery of POS material through to completely stocked displays. This is why we can say with confidence that Glow takes it further, and always with the same objective: creating a high-profile Sales Promotion that stimulates sales. Click here for a list of our retail promotions and collectable campaigns.

Free gifts
As well as total concepts for retail chains we also produce product-supporting free gifts for A-brand manufacturers which find their way to the consumer through many different formulas. We have developed and produced a range of high-profile gifts. Quality and creativity are also key to the development of free gifts. Click here for a list of the gifts we have developed and produced.