Collectable concepts and free gifts
Glow is a specialist in two specific areas of promotion. We develop and produce exclusive tailor-made free gifts for well-known international A-brand manufacturers which are successfully deployed by many chains. We also develop total concepts for collectable campaigns for famous retail chains.   

Concept testing
When developing a sales promotion campaign, we take care of testing and pre-testing within the target group in partnership with the leading market research agency, IPM Kidwise. This enables us to gain an insight in advance into the effect of the campaign.  

Our own production channel
The quality of the product we supply is essential to us. However, the conditions have to be the best possible, which is why we have our own production offices in China. This is where all the productions in the Far East are handled and inspected ‘on site’. Our staff in Hong Kong and Shanghai know exactly which factories to use and the European standards the product has to meet, and by working exclusively with leading manufacturers with a proven track record we are guaranteed a priority position, good purchase conditions and consistent quality. In addition, our branches can of course arrange the production of your own gifts, products or concepts at very competitive prices and, obviously, the highest possible quality. You can be certain that we comply with all the applicable laws and regulations and that we also have testing performed by the official and internationally-recognised independent test and inspection body, SGS. SGS also carries out on-site checks and inspections, both during and after production, in the factories and laboratories in the Far East and Europe. All the reports on your projects, which SGS provide for us, are available from us at all times. We also handle the importing of gifts to the EU and the logistics ourselves. Of course, we are also ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Our service
Our passion for the trade also comes through in our service. We provide 3-D visualisations of tailor-made gifts for marketing presentations. We come up with campaign mechanisms and are happy to advise on the deployment of any media or resources. This makes us sales promotion partners in the broadest sense of the term, because if we do something, we want to do it well and exclusively provide the service and quality you should expect from a market leader. It’s in our interests that your sales promotion is a resounding success.